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Photograph by Emma Luker

Kate Missen
Art - Design - Illustration

Hello. I'm Kate Missen.  I am a visual artist and teacher. I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia.

From as far back as I can remember, I have made things. The studio is filling up.

This website showcases examples of my work, both past and current. I will have a go at anything art related, but this website showcases mostly paintings, jewellery and illustrations (including children's book illustrations).

Please email me if you would like to buy or commission artworks. Not all featured works are available, but feel free to ask.

I will continue to add new works as they emerge.




An exhibition of pairs of paintings (With Geoffrey Missen)

Silvermine Gallery

11th March - 18th March


Somewhere between Rock and an Art Place

Solo show

The Grace Emily, Adelaide


Shared show with Teresa Bulmer

The Grace Emily


Hazy Wafers

(With Emma Kinge)

The Grace Emily, Adelaide


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